For 17 years, the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (LUFF) has taken good care not to pamper the public but rather offer projections and performances that go, willfully or not, under the radars of monopoles. The film program digs out gems by also breaking down the barriers of genres, and the music program buries music under music (the absent M in the acronym spells out this joyful dissolution by and through music).
But how to give access the larger audience to these adventurous, critical, less visible or simply inaudible propositions without LUFF becoming a radar among others? It is maybe because of its blend of unique artistic expressions and committed propositions, but also its year-round internal running, with 40 people, all volunteers, in charge of the different sectors, who elaborate together utopias in an unlikely organizational laboratory by which LUFF achieves to fulfill its mission: un-earth sound and visual practices to make them accessible to a larger public and shout out loud that they exist outside commercial and authoritarian distribution and diffusion networks.


Artistic direction

Julien Bodivit, Thibault Walter

General direction

Marie Klay, Martina Pattonieri, Loïc Sutter


Marie Klay


Martina Pattonieri


Loïc Sutter

Press relations

Jennifer Siegrist

Communication assistant

Chloé van Tiel

Sponsoring & Fundraising

Macha Winterhalter

Artistic direction –Film

Julien Bodivit

Film Programming

Julien Bodivit, Veronika Chekodanova, Marie Klay, Serge Mailloux, Olivier Matthey, Pascale Parsons, Eric Peretti, Delphine Jeanneret, Isotta Regazzoni, Juana Robles, Jennifer Siegrist, Loïc Sutter, Constanza Theiler, Philippe Wiedmer

Film Equipment Management

Sébastien Baudet, Lionel Bize, Sawsane Hema, Marie Klay

Print Traffic Coordination & Subtitling

Marie Klay

Subtitling Team

Lionel Bize, Julien Bodivit, Veronika Chekodanova, Gabriel Grossert, Stéphane Morey, Pascale Parsons, Eric Peretti, Mical Poget, Isotta Regazzoni, Juana Robles, Valérie Rohrbach, Jennifer Siegrist, Loïc Sutter, Constanza Theiler, Philippe Wiedmer

Jury Liaison

Veronika Chekodanova, Olivier Matthey

Artistic direction –Music

Thibault Walter

Music Programming

Dimitri Meier, Francisco Meirino, Stefania Malorgio, Hiroko Pennec-Sato, Serge Teuscher, Thibault Walter, Marc Zendrini

Music Coordination

Dimitri Meier

Sound System



The Swiss Cheese & Chocolate Backline

Music Equipment Management

Gaël Braillard, Serge Carrupt, Joël Corboz, Loïc Gargasson


Andrea Nucamendi, Emma Souharce

Workshops Programming

Julien Bodivit, Stefania Malorgio, Alexandra Roger, Serge Teuscher, Thibault Walter

Workshops Coordination

Stefania Malorgio

Workshops Assistants

Jérémy Chevalier, Raphaël Harari, Thibault Villard

L’OFF Coordination & Programming

Romain Berger, Isotta Regazzoni, Gabriel Sidler

LUFF.FM Coordination & Programming

Alexandra Roger

LUFF.FM Equipment Management

Clara Alloing, Olivia Byrne-Sutton, Nelson Irsapoullé, Nina Nana, Andrea Nucamendi, Valérie Rohrbach, Emma Souharce, Théo Soulié


Ruth Noemi Bendel, Suzanne Boulet, Gaëlle Edward, Mirjam Grob, Camille Kaiser, Joelle Kehrli, Nastassia Lazarevski, Hélène Mateev, Charlotte Nagel, Sophie Pagliai, Gaël Segalen, Sarah Studer, Christine Wester

LUFF.TV Coordination

Delphine Mouly


Clara Basso, Aline Bonvin, Nina Defontaine, Hector Fassa, Rodolfo Garcia, Linn Henz, Line de Kaennel, Maude Katz, Igor Marlot, Arthur Miserez, Lucien Monot, Michel Pennec, Yolane Rais, Lore Rinsoz, Thibault Villard

LUFF on Tour Coordination

Dimitri Meier, Nikola Mounoud, Loïc Sutter

Rip on/off Team

Lionel Bize, Laura Daengeli, Christian Indermuhle, Christine Ritter, Thibault Walter

Artistic Coordination

Martina Pattonieri

Local Transportation

Stéphanie Robyr

Artist Liaison, Accommodation, Backstage

Marika Barman, Célia Magliocco, Marion Stucky

Welcome & Accreditation

Amandine Marchand, Cindy Mendicino

Box Office

Alec Colin, Marc Colin, Michael Tsang

Volunteers Coordination

Lana Damergi, Alix Hagen


Gabriel Grossert, Yannick Schader


Fabrizio Ilardo

Sustainable Developpement

Constanza Theiler


Thibaud Otz

Venues Management

Charles Bohan, Zoé Dupraz, Gwenaël Grossfeld


Johan Cosandey

Info & Boutique

Macha Winterhalter

Music Boutique

Michi Zaugg / Plattfon


Chloé van Tiel


Cristina Martinoni

LAFF (Les Amis du LUFF)

Loïc Sutter

Visual Identity & trailer

Designed by Dimitri Jeannottat, using images by Tiphaine Allemann.
Generated with a software developed by Pierre Charmillot.


Aline Bonvin


Pablo Perez, Lukas Stöcklin avec le Sequencer d'Andreas Gysin

Photographs Coordination

Sandra Guignard

Editorial Coordination

Isotta Regazzoni


Malik Guerid (310k)

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