Khavn, a Guerilla Punk Film Workshop

For this 2018 edition, LUFF offers a demented workshop over three days, conducted by the unbelievable filmmaker Khavn, coming straight from the Philippines. Whether as a technician, actor, performer, dancer, nocturnal animal, loose electron, stunt artist: sign up for the casting to be a part of the team that will be tagging along with Khavn for 72h in Lausanne, to shoot, and edit a guerrilla film that will be played at the closing session of the LUFF!

A cinérama is also dedicated to Khavn.

Given by Khavn

Assisted by Raphaël Harari
10 participants
Screening on Saturday 20.10

Wednesday 17.10–Friday 19.10
Collège du Belvédère

Harsh noise for children

This workshop is open to children from 6 to 10 years old, and aims to make them discover in a playful way the delights of sonic chaos. This initiation to improvised noisy music will be done in a playful way through synthesizers, hijacked electronic devices and more conventional instruments.

Given by Colline Grosjean and Serge Teuscher

12 children
Free of charge

Wednesday 17.10


For a day and a half, the participants to the Play/Système/Son workshop are invited to collectively turn public spaces into sound installations, with no required aptitudes but curiosity and imagination. Broadcasting from mini autonomous amplifiers, amplifying the surrounding acoustic or electromagnetic phenomena, experimenting to make the city resonate, each one plays how he or she wants but all together, all together, yeah, yeah.

Arnaud Rivière also gives a performance on Thursday 18.10 at Salle des Fêtes.

Given by Arnaud Rivière

Assisted by Jérémy Chevalier
12 participants

Friday 19.10
⏺ Saturday 20.10

Voice Odder

Polish electronic artist Ewa Justka will guide the workshop participants through the creation of an electronic machine. “Voice Odder” is a simple electronic circuit based on an IC delay. It has a built-in microphone and includes echo and delay effects, resonance sampling and distortion, depending on resistance and voltage. The workshop participants will learn how to build electronic circuits: how to solder, read technical data and diagrams, use a multimeter and discover the functions of basic electronic components. The complete set of parts will be provided and is included in the price. Participants will leave the workshop with their own fully functional Voice Odder. The workshop is for beginners, but experienced participants will also have fun!

Ewa Justka also gives a performance on Saturday 20.10 at Salle des Fêtes.

Given by Ewa Justka
Poland/United Kingdom

Assisted by Thibault Villard
15 participant

Saturday 20.10

Shasse et Trésors Radio

Philosophical, poetic and spontaneous radio program, conducted by a dozen individuals of ages ranging from 7 to 31. Together, for three hours of a game somewhere between public and secret, speaking comes more freely at the rhythm of open discussions where one gets to know another by wondering about life, beauty, originality, authority, noise and other existential matters.

Given by Emma Souharce et Adeline Bourgoin

10 children
Free of charge

Thursday 18.10
Esplanade du Casino de Montbenon

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