Experimental Shorts: Program 2

In the experimental section of this edition, two different types of films clash against another as well as they complete each other. On one side, shape, sound and rhythm, sometimes beautified, sometimes battered, fashioning entirely absorbing and sensitive movies. On the other, a more humble aesthetic unveils an abstract and puzzling narration, which enters its relevance beyond the retina. Bluntly intertwined in two programs, both of these languages reveal their abundance in violence, beauty and sensations.


le Romandie

Sky Room

Marianna Milhorat, 2017, Canada
HD, color, no dialogue, 6'


Richard Tuohy & Dianna Barrie, 2017, Australia/Indonesia
HD, b&w, no dialogue, 9'

Cellular Activity: Bedtime Story

Neil Ira Needleman, 2017, United States
HD, color, no dialogues, 6'


Maki Satake, 2017, Japan
HD, color, no dialogue, 6'

Towards the Experimental Control of Dreaming

Ryan Betschart, 2018, United States
HD, color, English, 2'

Chinx Without Swords

Eric Lee Loong, 2018, Singapore
HD, b&w, English, 21'