Mansfield 66/67

Satanic Glam

In the presence of Steven Johnson Leyba

P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes, 2017, United States
HD, color, English (sub. French), 84'

Jayne Mansfield, a luscious actress and Playboy playmate, mighty sex-symbol and rival of the iconic Marylin, met her fate in 1967 when she lost her head in a car accident. A year before that, she had been introduced to Anton LaVey, andjoined the Church of Satan, and even becamea priestess there. But what did exactly happened, between this first encounter and the tragic end of the pin-up? Could her death be somehow linked to the occult satanic worship? Here, a blood stained veil is removed by the claw-like hands of John Waters, Kenneth Anger, Peaches Christ and Mary Woronov, amongst others…