The Fireworks Woman

Family Porn

In the presence of Frédéric Thibaut

Wes Craven (as Abe Snake), 1975, United States
HD, color, English, 64'
No one under 18 admitted

The divine Marquis de Sade according to Wes Craven. It could give rise to smiles. Yet, between the harsh “TheLast House on the Left” and the singular “The Hills Have Eyes”, slipped this amazing “Fireworks Woman”. A porno movie. A real one. Shot by a deep in debt Wes Craven after the risky financing of his first feature. Angela and Peter are brother and sister. They love each other. Eaten up by guilt, Peter enters in holy orders and Angela racks up notches on her bedpost. Desire, abandonment, loneliness and sperm: a crepuscular drama with a delightful taste of immorality.