The Middle Mystery of Kristo Negro

Day tingnga ti misteryo ti Kristo Negro
Variation on the Passion

In the presence of Khavn & Achinette Villamor

Khavn, 2009, Philippines
HD, color, Filipino (sub. English), 70'
Swiss premiere

The film begins with the trying images of an ancestral ritual: the skinning of a wild buffalo in the wilderness. The executioners, dressed like centurions, cut the animal to pieces as it is still alive. The carcass is then dragged through a landscape of barren lowlands, by a man reminiscent of the Christ with his cross. Leaving aside the urban landscapes of the capital, Khavn delivers a slow poem, loaded with melancholy, swinging between the raw quality of a documentary and the abstraction of an experimental shape. His images confront traditions and religions, without imposing heavy comments.