Phill Niblock

Vlada BC, 2013; Ronet (feat. Christian Kobi), 2014; Bag, 2014; V&LSG, 2013
United States

To celebrate his 85th birthday, the huge intermedia artist Phill Niblock opens LUFF in a solo performance with a 4-piece program of thick and heavy drones filled with microtones emitting from sampled instrumental timbres (alto, tenor saxophone, bagpipe and lap steel guitar) generating more tones once played at high volume. The concert space is surrounded by three screens on which Niblock projects his films watching abstractly every-day motions of people at work (China, Portugal, Lesotho). Exclusive: tenor saxophonist Christian Kobi will perform on the piece “Ronet”!

Salle des fêtes
Doors 21:30